Inward / Outward

inward/outward is a spiritual publication and community resource that publishes 3 different streams of content.  They needed to get their writing to over 12,000 email subscribers, with different templates and recipients depending on the type of post.

After years of struggling with underpowered hosting and an unreliable email set up, it was time for an easy to use website that allowed for automated post publishing and a customized rss to email campaign. Now they’re able to set posts to publish months in advance and be sure the right emails will go right people at the right time: no sweat.

Services Included:

  • Site redesign in collaboration with a graphic designer.  The goal was to have a very simple drawn by hand feel.
  • WordPress / Genesis Theme Development
  • Custom RSS to email template design and development
  • Migration to WPEngine for optimal site performance

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